Quel photographe suis-je ?

My passion is photography. Photography has given me something to do and learn about in my spare time for many years. It must add up to many thousands of hours of enjoyment. Fifty years on and I’m still learning :)

I enjoy all types of photography and it gives me creative fulfilment. It helps me express myself artistically, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Creativity is strongly linked with purpose. I enjoy making beautiful images, from the time I go out with my camera through to processing the images in Lightroom or Photoshop. It’s a good feeling to know that those images can give some joy to the viewer.

Photography has helped me meet new people. Some of those people are online contacts, some are people that I’ve met in real life. Some of these are people interested in photography, some are models, some are members of the clubs that I'm a member of and many have gone on to become friends. This has helped make my life more interesting, and I’m grateful for that.

On a deeper level photography helps me see the beauty in the world. I feel awe when I see other people’s beautiful photos. It creates an awareness of just how big, diverse and beautiful our planet is. It inspires me by giving me ideas about places I’d like to travel to in the future, photos that I’d like to take for myself or new techniques that I'd like to try and master. I enjoy being able to freeze a moment in time, to show beauty that people wouldn't ordinarily see and to view the world in a different light

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